The Community Life and Mission of Congregation of

the LHC Nha-Trang


Just as the Cross unites all the scattered children of God to form his holy people, the Church community, so also the Cross is the principle of unity for the community of the LHC, which is a living cell and a reflection of the Church.


1.   Community Life

Community is a true family, which is gathered in the name of the Crucified and Risen Christ, and enjoys His presence. In this community, “the Holy Spirit is constantly at work, guiding the Sisters to know the Father’s Holy will.”

In Christ and through Christ, we are led to the Trinity, the Community of Creative and Saving Love, the one model for all human communities.

By the Mystery of the Incarnation, Christ became the center of the Holy family of Nazareth:

- Jesus is the treasure of grace, the ideal for the life of Mary and Joseph.

- In this community of love, the joys and sorrows of a life of labor are shared

- Faith and obedience to God’s law nourish the life of prayer and create an atmosphere of peace and joy.

With regard to community life, fraternity, charity, sympathy and forgiveness should characterize every Sister. Every personal activity should have a communal dimension because community is the foundation for every LHC Sister’s personal life.


2.   Mission

To carry out Jesus’ command: “Go throughout the whole world and preach the Gospel to all people,” the LHC Sisters have been trying to live according to the spirituality, charism and mission of their Congregation of the LHC, that Bishop Pierre Marie Lambert de la Motte established as follows:

1.    Continuing His life of pilgrimage and sacrifice and in the spirit of mediators, living a life of prayer for the world and for the Church, especially for the society in which they live and for the local Church

2.    Being the visible hand of the one Mediator between God and humankind, whereby the Lovers of the Holy Cross Sisters give themselves to service, with priority given to youth and women in the areas of culture, social work, health, morals and faith.

Following along the road of serving God and others in the footsteps of Christ, who was chaste, poor in spirit, and obedient, we carry out our mission wholeheartedly, keeping in mind the great value of the call God has given us in the religious life, and following the spirit of the Lovers of the Holy Cross.


Philippines, December 26, 2002

Sr Mary


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